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The '321 Baby Bulge Be Gone' works for Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has revealed that she followed The 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone diet and exercise programme, to get back into shape after her latest pregnancy. The 321 diet, created by personal trainer Ramona Braganza, involves 3 sets of cardio, 2 circuits and 1 core exercises and a low-carb diet regime.

More info: 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone

The 40 years diet

Actress Kim Cattrall - one of the stars of Sex and the City - has jokedly confessed to being on a diet for the last forty years! It has been reported that her fabulous figure at the age of 56 is due in part to working out every other day and keeping stress to a minimum.

Adele's veggie diet helps her to lose pounds

The grammy winning singer has been reported as being on a vegetarian diet for the past month, along with her boyfriend, in an effort to lose weight. She has also been reported as jogging daily and working with a personal trainer to get in shape.

Anne Hathaway detox diet

Actor, Anne Hathaway, has been following a strict detox diet in order to appear skinny enough to play a dying prostitute with tuberculosis, in the new film Les Miserables. She has been on only 500 calories a day, and due to the dangers of such a low intake of food is receiving weekly medicals to keep track of her health.

Bad diet causes high blood pressure in younger people.

A health study of over 8,000 young people in the UK, aged between16 and 34, has revealed that up to a third had high blood pressure (hypertension). This condition increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Only 25 per cent of those in the study had a normal blood pressure reading. 35% of those tested were in the high risk category and suffering from hypertension. Men were found to be more at risk than women.

Health experts believe that the increased high blood pressure is starting earlier due to teenagers' bad nutrition, obesity, excessive drinking and general lack of exercise. They recommend that young people should be encouraged to get their blood pressure checked regularly, and urge people to recognise that this condition does not only affect the middle-aged.

The Biggest Loser diet

Viewers of the popular NBC TV programme 'The Biggest Loser', where contestants race to lose the most weight with the help of personal coaches and nutrition experts, can now follow the 'Biggest Loser' weight-loss programme at home with the diet book and online programme. More info: The Biggest Loser Diet

Breathalyser test reveals fat-burning

Fat-burning breath testAn Oxford professer has discovered a way to show when your body is actually fat-burning. So eventually, when you are exercising you may be able to do a quick breath test to discover when your body has used up its supply of food energy, and has switched to breaking down fat. This will help dieters exercise to their fat-burning potential and enable them to lose weight more effectively in the future.

When the body starts to burn fat, a molecule called acetone becomes detectable in the breath. This new breath test picks up even minute changes in levels of acetone. The scientists are hoping that this may also lead to a simpler test for diabetic patients, and perhaps eventually replace the need to use blood tests to check blood-sugar levels.

Fat Burning Breath Test news report (opens in new window)

Brides-to-be use quick fix Feeding Tube diet

This controversial and extreme diet, also known as the K.E diet uses a feeding tube instead of eating for 10 days. It has been reported that dieters can lose up to 20 pounds with a drip feed of 800 calories a day of protein, fat and water.
Feeding Tube/K.E Diet

Burgers linked to asthma risk in children

An international study involving 500,000 children, has found links between eating 3 burgers or more a week and a higher occurrence of developing asthma. Health experts cannot say it is eating burgers themselves that increases the risk, it may be a marker for lifestyle, such as lack of exercise and obesity. However, the research showed that a 'Mediterranean diet', high in fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fish seems to help reduce the risk of children developing asthma. This is believed to be due to the high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory elements and vitamins, particularly vitamin C which is known to aid lung function.

calories in restaurantsCalorie Counting at US restaurants

The introduction of a new US Health Care bill means that chain restaurants, with 20 or more outlets, are now legally required to list calories on menus.

It is believed this will spread to the UK shortly, and will enable us all to know exactly what we are eating in terms of calories.

Cataracts in women reduced by healthy diet

A new US ophthalmic study, involving over 1800 women, has revealed that those who eat a vitamin and mineral packed diet can reduce their chances of developing cataracts. Cataracts are one of the main causes of blindness as we age. A healthy diet, combined with no smoking and avoiding obesity, can contribute to maintaining healthy eyes.

Eat your greens
To protect your eyes and help prevent vision loss from common age-related conditions, such as, macular degeneration, eat plenty of dark, green leafy green foods - spinach, chard, kale, romaine lettuce and leeks and peas.

These foods are rich in Lutein, a natural antioxidant which can help protect the eye as a natural sun block to the retina, and by neutralizing damaging free radicals.
Other healthy foods for the eye are Omega-3 fatty acids - salmon, herring, mackeral; vitamin C - oranges, grapefruits; vitamin E - almonds, walnuts.

Chaka Khan loses 60 pounds

After being diagnosed with type two diabetes and high blood pressure Chaka Khan, top selling singer, changed to a vegan diet and quickly lost weight. She kick-started her diet with a fast for a month, then moved to eating high-protein foods and vegetables and increased her exercise with plenty of walking.

Cherries the sportsman's superfood Cherry Juice - a muscle repairing superfood

Research has linked drinking cherry juice to aiding muscle repair. Cherries contain powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, called anthocyanins, and are thought to help muscle recovery after exercise.

A group of US athletes were studied, and it was discovered that their muscle recovery after strength training was improved by drinking cherry juice concentrate, as opposed to other equally nutritious fruit juices. Scientists are hoping that cherries could help reduce inflammation in conditions like heart disease and arthritis.

a little bit of chocolate can be good for your heartChocolate can be good for the heart

After 9 years of study, involving over 31,000 women, Swedish researchers have found that women eating a small amount of chocolate, once or twice a week, had a 32 per cent lower risk of developing heart failure.

The chocolate was a high cocoa content dark chocolate, which is known to be rich in flavonoids, which may help to lower blood pressure. However, a daily portion of chocolate did not appear to have any protective effects, which is thought due to the consumption of too many calories.

It's good news to learn that a little bit of what you fancy can do you good!

Choose fruit juice for healthy kids

Children aged 2-12 years who regularly drink 100% fruit juice are higher in nutrients, like vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and dietary fibre, according to a new study. They are also likely to consume more whole fruit and grains in their diet. The doctors in the study recomended drinking fruit juice (only 100%), as it supplies important nutrients during a child's key growth and development years.

Fruit juice has always been recognised as being a healthy drink, but the high sugar content has restricted many parents choosing it too often for their children, especially with obesity rising in young people. However, the health benefits seem to outweigh this concern. The 100% juice contains fibre and multi vitamins.

healthy drinking limitsDaily drinking can damage your health

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have expressed their concern that the Government's policy on healthy drinking limits is misleading. The doctors believe that the guidelines imply that it is safe for people to drink alcohol daily. Official recommendation is that men should have no more than 21 units of alcohol a week, and women no more than14 units.

The RCP agree with the limits, but also believe that drinkers should aim to have two to three days a week without any alcohol, so their bodies can recover. Daily drinking with no rest days can increase the chances of damaging the liver, alcohol dependence and other serious illnesses.

How to reduce alcohol

Dash Diet lowers heart attack risk by 20%

The D.A.S.H. (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart attacks, by up to 20 per cent.

The healthy plan suggests eating:
Fruit and vegetables, Fat-free/ low-fat dairy products, Whole-grain/ high-fibre foods, Fish, Poultry, Beans, seeds and nuts
Foods to be avoided or limited: Red meat, High sodium (salt) products, High-sugar products and drinks

Sodium (salt)
Sodium free or salt free - less than 5 mg per serving
Fat-free - less than 0.5 g per serving
Very low sodium - 35 mg or less of sodium per serving
Low saturated fat - 1 g or less per serving, and 15% or less calories from saturated fat
Low sodium - 140 mg or less of sodium per serving
Low-fat - 3 g or less per serving
Reduced fat - at least 25% less fat than regular

The DASH diet plan is rich in minerals, such as: potassium, magnesium and calcium, also protein and fibre. It is low in saturated fat, salt, sugar and cholesterol, which combined with a healthy, active lifestyle can help prevent and control high blood pressure (hypertension).

More info: www.strokeassociation.com

Department of Health works with fast food companies

(Nov 2010) The government are involving fast food companies with UK health policy. Five 'responsibility deal' networks with business have been set up and they will be invited to come up with health policies, aimed at tackling diet and health problems. Various campaign groups have expressed their concern that such an alliance between big businesses and government could create a conflict of interest between public health and profits.

Diet drinks can make you fatdiet drinks can make you fat

A US study, involving 474 people over 10 years, has found that drinking diet drinks does not seem to help with weight loss.

In fact, the effect is opposite - diet soft drink consumers were found to have a 70 percent greater increase in waist circumference than non consumers.

Heavy use of diet drinks in a diet was found to increase weight increase by around 500 percent. However, the study did not include details of the participants lifestyle and diet, but health experts believe that those consuming a lot of diet drinks generally tend to have a less healthy diet.

Low-calorie and diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners, like saccharine and aspartame to replace the sugars.

Diet link to depression

A recent research study has discovered that certain foods can help to improve our mental health, and nutritional deficiencies can worsen depression. For instance, low levels of the mineral selenium have been linked to depression and anxiety. The addition of unrefined grains, eggs and nuts to a healthy diet can help, particularly brazil nuts which are a super selenium source.

Although depression is caused by a number of different factors, our eating habits can affect our mood greatly. The Mediterranean diet - rich in olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables - is believed to help protect against depression, as there are far fewer cases in the Mediterranean countries.

A study involving over 10,000 people over 4 years revealed that those following a classic Mediterranean diet were 30 per cent less likely to develop depression. Health experts suggest that a balanced natural diet rich in omega-3 oils, fish, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, nuts and protein is most likely to be beneficial to our mental well-being.

Divorce Diet

It has been reported that reality TV star, Kerry Katona, puts her recent weight-loss down to her 'Divorce Diet' and exercise. She has apparently dropped 3 stone since splitting up with her husband. This is not a diet choice that many will be following.

drink water and lose weightDrinking water before meals can help you diet

A US study has found that drinking water, just before a meal, reduces the calorie intake by 75-90 calories.

The researchers studied a group of 48 adults, aged 55 to 75 years old.They all ate a low-calorie diet, but half drank 2 glasses of water just before their meals.

After 12 weeks those that drank the water before meals lost on average about five more pounds than the other group.

Water contains no calories and fills up the stomach, making you less hungry and therefore likely to eat less.

Eating slowly can help you to lose weight

Researchers are currently studying links between the speed you consume food and success with weight-loss. Research has shown that those who eat their food slowly tend to consume less calories, and usually weigh less than those who eat quickly. The study also revealed that men consumed around 80 calories per minute, while women ate about 52 calories per minute.

It is thought that eating slowly gives the brain a chance to register the intake of food, helping you to avoid overeating. Faster eaters tend to take bigger mouthfuls and chew less. Japanese research has already suggested that appetite can be suppressed by eating food slowly. The study will examine in detail whether the speed of eating can affect the appetite, and how much energy is burnt in the process.

Exercise and diet may help prevent osteoarthritis

A recent Netherlands study, involving 200 women, has shown that even a small amount of weight-loss can help prevent osteoarthritis. The group were studied over 2 years and only lost on average
7 poundswith a diet and exercise program. Out of this group only 19%, as compared to 25% of the control group, went on to develop osteoarthritis.

Another study, involving 454 obese men and women who already had knee arthritis, has shown that lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, can help control the progression of osteoarthritis. The study, lasting 18months, split the volunteers into 3 groups: diet only, exercise only and diet plus exercise.

All experienced pain reduction, but the diet and exercise group had a 50% reduction in pain, and one-third of this group reported little or no pain.Their walking speed was also increased the most of all the groupsand they also had a greater reduction in inflammation.

exercise helps improve arthritisExercise improves arthritis symptoms

A medical study, involving obese mice on a high-fat diet, has found that it isn't only excess weight that causes the pain of osteoarthritis; exercise alone can improve the symptoms of this inflammatory disease.

Gaining extra pounds can increase the risk of osteoarthritis, but regular exercise could slow the progression of the disease.

Fat Burning Food

Eating peppers and chillies can help you to lose weight - it's been scientifically proved!

Research from a top American university has revealed fruit and vegetables containing 'capsaicin' really can increase your metabolism and so burn off more calories, if you are following a low-calorie diet. The study also showed that capsaicin can actually 'oxidise' layers of fat by getting the body to use more fat as fuel.

fat burning food So, incorporating fresh chillies and peppers into your daily diet can be helpful towards achieving steady weight loss. Other studies of Capsaicin have found evidence that it can lower 'bad cholesterols' (LDLs - Low-density lipoproteins), but raises 'good cholesterol' levels (HDLs - High-density lipoproteins).

Capsaicin is already used in pain-relieving topical ointments for muscle and joint pain and for conditions such as arthritis. It is believed to reduce a chemical involved in transmitting pain impulses to the brain.

For those dieters who can't take the heat of chillies there are other plants that produce a non-burning type of capsaicin called dihydrocapsiate (DCT), and it is believed that this could have the benefits of peppers without the heat.

Try these delicious fat-burning recipes:

Chilli beans and tortillas | Chilli chicken with broccoli | Moroccan chicken | Japanese Chicken Broth

FDA clears new weight-loss pill

The first diet pill to be approved by the FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration) in 13 years is to be made available on prescription for the obese, or overweight with at least one medical complication, such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Arena Pharmaceutical's anti-obesity pill Belviq, known generically as lorcaserin, is designed to be used responsibly in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The drug should be made available in early 2013.

If dieters fail to lose 5% of their body weight after three months they are advised to stop taking Belviq, as it is unlikely to work for them. Recognised side effects of the drug include migraine, depression and memory lapses.

cold temperatures burn fat

Feeling cold burns body fat

A US study has linked lower temperatures with the formation of brown adipose tissue, which burns white fat molecules in the bloodstream in order to heat up the body. Scientists believe that adults no longer have as much brown adipose fat, due to our homes being heated throughout the cold seasons.

Prolonged exposure to cold is thought to convert white harmful fat to brown fat-burning adipose tissue. If the body is cold it will produce its own energy to warm it, and so burn more calories.

Five fruit a day help keep five cancers away

Research has shown that eating a diet rich in fresh fruit can help reduce 5 main cancers: lung, larynx, mouth and stomach. The high fibre in fruit can also protect the body from bowel cancer. As well as containing many healthy vitamins and minerals, fruit is full of phytochemicals - including flavanoids - powerful antioxidants which protect the body from cell damage.

fizzy drinks Fizzy drinks accelerate ageing process

A report has suggested a link between the chemical phosphate in many fizzy drinks and premature ageing. The study was carried out using mice, so there is no conclusive evidence yet to suggest this applies to humans. It has however prompted medical investigation into the effect of excess phosphate on health.

It is also debatable whether the levels of phosphate in fizzy drinks are high enough to affect health. Fizzy drinks are already not a healthy option, due to their high sugar and calories.


get a flat tumFrench Fatten Up

A new survey shows that the French are losing their much-envied place as the slim nation of Europe.

Changes in eating and work habits and the widespread adoption of a fast-food lifestyle mean that 15 per cent of French people are classed as obese, with almost one third officially overweight. The Brits still weigh in as the heaviest nation in Europe with British women the heaviest, and men the second heaviest after Malta according to EU figures.

Daily Telegraph


The HCG Diet

HCG diet daily injectionsThe HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet, although in the news as a popular weight-loss programme, is not a new diet, it has been around since the 50s. HCG is a pregnancy related hormone that affects the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that affects metabolism), which in pregnancy brings nutrients to the placenta by using fat stores.

On the HCG diet daily injections of HCG, combined with a very low calorie diet of 500 calories, causes the metabolism to burn more fat and it is claimed can help you lose around 1-3 pounds per day. Some use a couple of drops of HCG on the tongue. Side effects ranging from headaches and dizziness to blood clots, have been reported in some people on this diet. Such a low calorie intake can affect stores of protein, muscle and vital organs.

This is a short-term crash diet, which is never a good idea, as you are far more likely to lose weight successfully and keep it off if you adopt a healthy diet and incorporate some exercise into your lifestyle. The prospect of daily injections is enough to put most people off trying this diet!

Hip to eat protein

Studies, involving 1,000 pensioners, have shown that older people are less likely to suffer hip fractures, if they eat more protein in their daily diets. Protein is already recognised as helping to strengthen muscles, and it is thought these help reinforce bones when subjected to a fall and a possible hip injury. A protein rich diet is also believed to be linked to higher bone density, which is important in older people, as this can gradually decrease with age, such as in conditions like osteoporosis.

Try these delicious protein recipes: Chicken and peppers in black bean sauce Chilli chicken with broccoli Grilled chicken breast

Increased BMI needs a bulging wallet

A recent Columbia University study has revealed that women can ignore a 10 per cent increase in their man's body mass index, as long as it is accompanied by higher earnings.

A researcher has created a formula: for every 10 per cent increase in their BMI, single men must increase their annual salary by 2 per cent to compete in the dating game. Money and power it seems does make men more attractive to women. The study found women can offset weight gain with partners by becoming more educated.

Janet Jackson endorses Nutrisystem

Janet Jackson has become the new spokeswoman for Nutrisystem - a weight-loss programme with home delivered packaged meals. She lost 10 pounds in just over a month, and has been reported as finding the eating plan helpful with keeping her weight under control. For many years she has battled weight fluctuations.

More info: Nutrisystem

Jessica Simpson works hard at diet

After signing a multi million pound contract with Weightwatchers, Jessica Simpson, is working hard to lose her pregnancy weight. According to reports she has to lose 50 pounds in five months, to reach her target weight of 130 pounds. Sources reveal her new diet consists mainly of protein-pack meals and home-mixed juices.

Kirstie Alley creates organic weight loss programme

Actress and former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Kirstie Alley dropped 100 pounds and went down an amazing 10 dress sizes. She now runs her own weight loss and diet programme - Organic Liasons, supplying formulas specifically developed to reduce cravings, increase energy, promote relaxation and aid rest.

Her plan involves eating six small organic meals a day, along with supplements and exercising for an hour daily. The diet products are only offered online and online membership is required. Actress, Kelly Preston has been reported as having lost her extra weight after pregnancy, by following the Organic Liason programme.

Kirstie launched a campaign to help people lose weight by dancing for 100 days. Every day from January 1st 2012 there was a dance video from Kirstie online, to help encourage fun and healthy exercise.

Lack of sleep can make you fat

A study by the University of Chicago has discovered that lack of sleep can increase the production of the hormone Ghrelin.

Ghrelin is an appetite-stimulating hormone which is mainly released by the stomach. When ghrelin levels increase so does your hunger, which is not good news for dieters!
So we all need our beauty sleep to stay slim.

When those involved in the study were only allowed 4 hours sleep their ghrelin levels were found to be around 28% higher than those volunteers who slept for the normal 8 hours. The news that effortless sleeping can help to keep you slim must be good news to dieters!

Less calories are more important than high-protein/low-carb diet

A recent US study has found that it is how much you eat that matters, rather than what you eat.

Merely adjusting your diet's components of protein, fat and carbohydrates will not enable you to lose weight. The body will build fat if it has excess calories, regardless of whether they are from protein or carbs. The participants of the study were put on low, medium and high-protein diets and all put on weight, despite expectations that a high-protein diet would increase weight loss.

There are often savings and special offers from most diet companies, such as paying for a 3 month subscription and receiving a percentage off.

FREE online diet with delicious recipes

Losing weight can cut breast cancer risk

A new US study has revealed that losing even a small amount of weight can cut overweight postmenopausal women's risk of breast cancer. 439 women were studied and it was discovered that weight loss reduces the fat tissue from producing oestrogen and other hormones which can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Exercise in combination with dieting further reduced the women's hormone levels, although the study stated that exercise may lower a woman's risk by other means than lowering hormones. Research scientists calculated that even a 5% loss of body weight could lower the breast cancer risk by 22%.

2 day diet lowers breast cancer risk

Loving your body can help you to get in shape

Scientists have found that having a positive body image can be vital when you are trying to lose weight. Low self esteem and bad body image problems are common in overweight people, and this can often lead to emotional comfort eating.

The study, involving over 300 women, found that following a weight control programme that included tackling such issues as the causes of emotional eating, finding enjoyable exercise options and generally working on improving body image, helped dieters to self-regulate their eating and achieve greater success. Group work involving reducing anxiety about other peoples' opinions of their bodies was believed to have a positive effect for dieters.



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