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We can help you to make autumn 2019 the time you make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Changes that drop weight and you can actually live with!

Check out the top diets and find a weight loss plan that works for you.

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Compare the most popular diets below to find one that's right for you.

For many frustrated slimmers, the hardest part of starting a weight loss diet is finding the right one.

All the diets on godietgo.com can help you lose weight if followed correctly BUT if you want to find it easy to stick to a diet, you need to take a little time and ensure you choose one that fits in with your lifestyle.

For example if you're a busy working mum or looking after kids, a diet that needs a lot of time to source special ingredients or takes a lot of preparation might not suit. You might be better looking for a diet that can include ready to eat or fast cook meals.

If on the other hand, you can spare time to prepare your own food, there are many diets based around healthy and home-prepared meals.

Easy guide to our five top diets - click the pic to find out more

Atkins meatAtkins Diet - One of the highest profile diets of recent years, the Atkins diet - named after its inventor the late Dr. Richard Atkins, is a four stage low carbohydrate diet. Stop eating carbohydrate and your body will start to burn up your fat as a source of energy.

Calorie counterCalorie Counting - Count the number of calories in everything that you eat and drink - if your daily intake of calories is less than the amount your body needs, you'll lose weight. Eat 500 calories a day less than that and you should lose around a pound a week.

Dukan Girl eatingDukan Diet - This is a high protein plan with an initial no-carb, non-fat diet period, before gradually re-introducing other food groups back into the diet. Founder, Dr Pierre Dukan, is a French nutritionist with over 30 years experience.

woman GIGI Diet - The GI diet was originally developed for diabetics who need to keep their blood sugar level steady. Lower GI foods are satisfying and healthy too. It keeps blood sugar levels at a more constant level which helps to reduce feelings of hunger.

Weightwathers mealWeightwatchers - WeightWatchers is the most popular of the diet 'clubs', with thousands of meetings held every week around the world. There is also an online version and a subscription service where you can sign up if you don't want to attend meetings.

You might be starting your new weight loss diet with the best of intentions - a new gym membership and an 800 calorie a day intake.

However, if you set yourself too high a target you are likely to fail and end up disheartened and reaching for the chocs.

unhappy woman on dietWays to Win

It's much better to set a realistic target and accept that 2 hours every day in the gym is not always achievable.

It's much better to increase your level of exercise gradually to a level that doesn't disrupt your life too much.

It's much better to choose an activity you enjoy doing you so are far more likely to do it regularly.

You're far more likely to keep it up if it fits in with your lifestyle.

Likewise with your diet - too great a drop in your calories will leave you hungry and prone to snacking or bingeing.

Also your metabolism will slow down and the body will try and store fat if you cut down your intake too much.

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